9 Questions You Must Have Answers To Before You Book A Mini Bus Rental With Driver

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9 Questions You Must Have Answers To Before You Book A Mini Bus Rental With Driver

What is a minibus, some of the readers may ask? Basically a minibus or a mini coach is designed to carry more people than a multi-purpose vehicle (MPVS) or a sedan car. A minibus is literally a hybrid of a MPV and a coach bus. In Singapore, the term “minibus” is used to describe any full-sized passenger carrying van with a seating capacity of 9-13 seaters. When travelling in a large group especially in Singapore, engaging a mini bus rental with driver is the most obvious choice for every traveller.

mini bus rental with driver

A 13 Seater Mini Bus

What is the Seating Capacity of a mini bus?

There are 3 seating configurations in minibus. There is the 9 seater mini bus, 11 seater mini bus and 13 seater minibus (standard roof and high roof).

What is the difference between these choices?

Basically, it depends on your needs. Among all the chartered minibuses the 9 seater minibus is the one with the most booth space. Comfortable seatings for 9 passengers and a huge luggage compartment. Ideal for travel to the airports for families with many luggages.

mini bus rental with driver

9 Seater Mini Bus has rooms for many luggages

The 11 seater minibus is mainly serves for charter buses services. We usually detailed it for as a chartered school bus for nursery. Kindergaten and primary schools. Our 13 seater mini bus range serves as party bus. It is usually engaged by families or companies for local one way transfer as it seats 13 passengers comfortably but it has no luggage compartment.

Can I rent a minibus without a driver?

Unfortunately, MrMaxicab Services does not provide such a service. One main reason is you need a special vocational licence for driving a minibus in Singapore.Our mini bus rental with driver is the only viable option other than taking multiple regular taxi.

How are the fares calculated for a mini bus rental with driver?

Mini bus rental starts from SGD $65 per transfer. You can check out our minibus Singapore rates, on our Rates page. We practiced transparency. Pay the prices advertised online. No hidden charges and hidden surcharges. Same price prevails for Peak and Non Peak hours. No Surges!

Ok, How do I proceed with a booking?

You can make an online minibus charter booking. You can choose to CALL/SMS/Whatsapp our hotline at (+65) 9800 5545 to make your booking. Once booking is confirmed, you will receive the assigned vehicle number and the driver details.

What are the modes of payment available for your mini bus rental with driver?

We prefer cash payment. Who does not right? Well that is not the main reason. Payment via Credit Card and Paypal are also accepted but there are prevailing bank and admin charges incurred. We believe in helping our clients save every penny possible. However for corporate clients we accept cheques.

Am I guaranteed of a vehicle once my booking has been confirmed?

Yes, once your booking has been confirmed. The vehicle assigned to you has been confirmed. However in an unfortunate case of an accident or vehicle breakdown. You are assured of a replacement vehicle within a maximum of 20 minutes if you are located outside the city center and within 10 minutes if you are located in the city. You will also be offered a discount of SGD$10 for your next booking.

Can I make a mini bus rental with driver for events?

Yes you may, our maxi cabs Singapore and minibus charter are usually booked for one way transfers or hourly charters for events like Singapore Fashion Week, Singapore Airshow and Singapore F1 Grandprix. Do enquire for more details.


Is the Mini bus rental with driver scheme only limited for use in Singapore?

No, this service is available for Malaysia transfer with a mini bus. We have drove passengers up to the thai border before.




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